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Building Balance Self-Guided Workbook

Building Balance Self-Guided Workbook


*The Building Balance workbook is authored by Lola Ivory Productions client V.H. Gordon, Life Coach and Founder of Life Reset Clinic.*

Are you a woman who feels like something is missing in your life?


Do you feel like you are just not living up to your potential?


Are you struggling to find balance between work and family?


If this sounds like you, the Building Balance Self-Guided Program from Life Reset Clinic could be just what you need.


This 90-day journey gives women a chance to deeply reflect on what is important to them and where they want their lives to go. This is done through self-reflection, affirmations, and encouragement that can help women get back on track with their lives and achieve success.

This program was designed by experts at Life Reset Clinic who know how hard it can be for women to achieve balance in their lives. They are there to support each woman on her journey, understanding that all women have different needs and goals.


The goal of this program is not to fix anyone, but rather honor where they are now and help them identify how they can best take care of themselves. This can include looking at the foods they eat, their mental health, or how much time they spend with loved ones.


This program helps women embrace honest and vulnerable self-reflection that allows them to really understand where they are and where they are going.

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