Vegan/Plant-Based Lifestyle Show for Vegans of Color.   Together, host and join local guests to reimagine familiar dishes into its vegan ‘imposter’. Local guests will fall into the following categories: Vegan or Plant-Based Individual/Family/Collective, Product, Chef, Restaurant, Caterer, Vendor, Service Provider within 20 miles of Philadelphia.  Episodes will visit, highlight and engage in positive reflections of health, wealth and community.


Segments will join host at local businesses that produce/sell vegan and wellness products/services,



Twelve 15-20 minute episodes per season featuring imposter meal, interviews with the guest(s), hot topic and/or spotlight with host.  Imposter meals will be prepared in variety of places, including, local restaurants/test kitchens, fitness facilities, private residences, RecPhilly or PhillyCam studio.

Nothing to book at the moment
Nothing to book at the moment