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founded in philly, pa by Lisa & Ray, Lola Ivory Productions primary focus is to create memorable projects with dope people. Lisa & Ray combined forces and started by story boarding a dream into the family friendly horror short, 'Gorilla Zombie'.  we faced casting (our children), sound and lighting challenges, and produced a project better than we'd imagined. we continue to dope stuff with dope people and face challenges together. 

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director (film, stage play, sketch comedy, music video)

producer (stage play, podcast, sketch & stand-up comedy, events & live performances)

cinematography (web series, film, music video)

videography (sketch comedy, music video, events & live performances

event production (original murder mysteries, stand-up & sketch comedy shows, live music performances)

consulting & project management (start-ups, websites, online shops)

The Art Den 398 Collective
2019 Production Reel
Lola Ivory Productions Trailer
Marrissa Joy Live Performance
Virtual Consultation
15 min
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